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Dubrovnik is a wonderful city, and although you can explore its ins and outs on foot, you’d be missing on a lot of fun if you don’t take a spin around the real-life King’s Landing on a private boat hire  – one that you can rent for an affordable rate.

If you choose the private boat tours in Dubrovnik from us to explore the city by the sea, we promise an outstanding tour that will give you something you can brag about when you go back home!

Private Boat Tours from Dubrovnik We Offer:

Why Rent a Boat Dubrovnik From Us?

Our Tour Guides Are Second to None

Our tour guides are locals who know everything there is to know about Dubrovnik, including both the mainland and the surrounding islands. They’re knowledgeable, fun, and friendly, which means that your time with them will be as enjoyable as it gets with our private boat tours in Dubrovnik. During your tour, do not hesitate to make any request or ask any questions, as our guides are always ready to help!

Enjoy our private boat trips in Dubrovnik while Snorkeling at Crystal Clear Adriatic Sea at Šunj Beach, Lopud Island, Dubrovnik, Croatia

We Have a Wide Variety of Boats to Accommodate Each and Everyone Looking For Private Boat Rental in Dubrovnik

Should you choose to rent a boat from us, you’ll get to choose from two state-of-the-art options: The QuickSilver Activ 675 Open , and the QuickSilver Activ 605 Open, both of which are designed with safety, comfort, and versatility in mind. No matter your needs and budget, you won’t be disappointed.


Our excursions are flexible in every way. Every tour is completely private. Our mission is to give you complete freedom to plan activities and fully experience the great Adriatic Sea with its unspoiled nature.


Our team will be happy to be your guide in discovering all the beautiful places on our excursions. We will push the boundaries to make your experience onboard unforgettable.


We are locals that know the area very well and we will take you to all the best places that the Dubrovnik archipelago can offer. We have great connections with the people around the city to give you the best recommendations and tips for you.

We’ll Take You to All the Notable Sites and Landmarks With Our Private Boat Hire in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is full of sites, landmarks, hidden beaches, mysterious caves, and everything in between. Thankfully, we know all of them, so you won’t miss any bit of fun if you rent a boat Dubrovnik from us.

What’s Stopping You from Living the Time of Your Life in Dubrovnik? Rent a Boat Today and See the True Might of Dubrovnik!


Girl Snorkeling in the Blue Cave: Discovering Underwater Beauty