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Parking in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a beautiful city with a great historical sights. However, one of the biggest challenges when visiting Dubrovnik is finding Dubrovnik parking places

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Dubrovnik is a beautiful city with a great historical sights. However, one of the biggest challenges when visiting Dubrovnik is finding Dubrovnik parking places to park your car.

In this post we will show you different options for parking in Dubrovnik and offer you the best tips to help you navigate.

If you decide to come to the old town area with a car you have to remember that parking on the street in the Old City area is only for residents and it will get you a ticket (150 euros) if you use those parking lots.

Dubrovnik is divided into five parking zones, each one with different prices and they can be pretty high.

The Old Town area

One of the most expensive Dubrovnik parking area is the parking spots just outside Walls, like the Buža parking and Pile gate parking.

These spots are very close to the Old Town, but you’ll have to pay around 10-15 euros per hour for that privilege.

If you want to park close to the old town, you can use the public parking garage on the “Ilijina Glavica” located on the west side of the city walls and Pile gate only 7 minute walk from the old town.

This parking is called Best in Parking – Garaza Ilijina Glavica and is the most convenient option and offers a great view of the city. You will pay more expensive (7 euro-1 hour/ or 70 euro for a day) than the parking options we will suggest you in this post.

Positioned just 500 meters before the public garage there is better option if you are looking for a daily ticket as you can buy only daily ticket for the cost of 30 euros per day. Hedera Estate parking facility offers unparalleled savings, with rates more than double the affordability compared to the public garage. This is the closest location to the old city where you can purchase a daily parking ticket at an unbeatable cost of 30 euros.


There is a small family-owned parking lot located in the heart of Dubrovnik, called “Dubrovnik daily parking” and they offer just 8 double spaces for their customers (20 euros per day). Although the distance from the parking lot to the Ploče gate, the southern entrance to the Old Town, is about 10 minutes, we recommend taking the route up Petra Kresimira for a 15-minute walk with a stunning view and no stairs..

Street parking is also available in Dubrovnik, but only in the newer part of Dubrovnik; it is limited and can be challenging to find. It’s essential to be aware that street parking requires payment usually by buying a parking ticket from a nearby vending machine. Be sure to read the signs carefully, as parking regulations in Dubrovnik are strict. You may be subject to fines if you do not follow the rules. So let’s talk about cheaper options.

Newer Part of The City

Parking at “Dubrovnik General Hospital” is one of the cheapest options in the town for parking your car (1 euro per hour). At the “Medarevo Hospital” parking there is lots of places and is a great option for those looking for parking in Dubrovnik. It is situated next to the hospital, which makes it easy to get to the old city area by bus or using UBER. The lot is well-maintained, and it is easy to find a spot to park.

Located next to the Mercante shopping center, the “Dubrovnik center parking” offers convenient and easily accessible parking space (3 euros per hour), just a 15-minute walk from the heart of Dubrovnik Old Town and directly across the street from a bus stop. The Gruž Port and main bus station are also within a short distance, making it the perfect spot to park your car.

Parking in DubrovnikLuka Gruz” is located near the Gruž Port. The parking area offers good choice for those embarking on a trip to nearby islands. However, if you are planning to explore the historic Dubrovnik Old Town and you are about to use the public bus, it might be crowded and time-consuming. You will pay the cost for one hour of parking at the Gruž Port around 3 euros.

Dubrovnik City Parking” is a great option for those looking for a cheap and reliable parking (2 euros per hour) near the Old Town and other major attractions. It is located just next to the Gruz harbor, making it easy for visitors to explore all that Dubrovnik has to offer. With a lot of parking spaces, it is an excellent option for those traveling by car. Overall finding a parking spot in Dubrovnik could be a bit of a challenge, especially during the summer months.

Grand Parking Dubrovnik is located in Gruz at Vukovarska street 48, the newest addition to the city’s parking options. Offering a multitude of parking spaces, where you can choose between a budget-friendly daily ticket priced at cost of 30 euros per day or the flexibility of 3 euros per hour.

Located strategically, Grand Parking Dubrovnik provides seamless access to various transportation options, including multiple buses that can effortlessly take you to key destinations such as the Pile Gate and the Old City. Eliminate parking concerns and enjoy exploring Dubrovnik from a central and cost-effective parking facility.

However, by following the tips and information provided in this blog post, you will be better prepared to navigate the city’s parking situation and enjoy your stay in Dubrovnik

If you are in the newer part of the town and looking for parking than maybe you can think about local supermarkets as every one of them has alot of parking space in front of the store, they all charge 2 euros for one hour (Super Konzum, Studenac supermarket, Tommy supermarket)…

If you planning to park on the street parking in the Lapad area the parking meters in Lapad are easily visible and straightforward to operate. Make sure to check your parking meters to determine the specific parking zone where your vehicle is parked. Additionally, you can pay for this parking spots using your mobile phone.

Now lets talk about some real stuff that might get you more into the theme of this blog post about free parking you will not have to pay for. There is a few of the parking lot in the city area a free of charge.

Maxi Konzum Pod Dubom” is using a free of charge parking for you or for your car. Therefore, you can try to come before 8am, otherwise you may have difficulty finding a parking lot in front of the store.

Srd Hill is a hill located in Dubrovnik, Croatia. It is located on the southern side of the city and offers a panoramic view of the Old City and the Adriatic Sea. This is without doubt best view parking in the city and it is a free of charge.

To get to the city, you could use the Cable car and enjoy your ride from the free parking, or there are a lot of UBER cars to get you straight to the city center for about 7-10 euro in each direction.

The last parking lot you don’t have to pay for in the city is just a cross the tunnel to enter the town from the Jadranska Magistrala, and from there, you can use bus number 3 to get to Pile gate which is a great and cheap option.

I hope this post will be in help for you and that you might use some tips from it.